Permanent Residents


These babies are permanent residents, many have been with us for longer then a year and two are elderly. Hersey was surrendered to us with major health concerns including mites and an URI. His buddies were treated and recovered but he has not been having a good time staying healthy. 

Cleo and Onix were both left on a random persons doorstep. Luckily they were found and brought to us. Humphrey and Porchetta are our special elderly girls, having been with us for quite some time and Carmen and Mango. Carmen is Bear's little sister and Mango is my daughter buddy. These special girls and Hersey have been through a lot in their lives so instead of uprooting them once more then are welcome to spend their days being spoiled here.

Bear was my first ever guinea pig and the reason I started this rescue. 

Image by Photoholgic

We have 8 permanent residents, with 7 being guinea pigs so it's so important that we give them all the love and attention they have missed over the years. Our permanent residents are here for various reasons, from old age to major health problems. Some of these little fuzz butts have been with us for years at this point. One of our piggies is on constant medication to treat a persistent respiratory infection. We are always SUPER appreciate of any donations towards their care. We receive NO government funding and rely entirely on donations. With covid things have obviously been a lot harder for most of us but please don't forget about the little guys. A little can go a long way, if everyone donated 5$ we would have an amazing vet fund. The absolute BEST thing to donate is HAY. We can never have enough hay! You can also donate through our PayPal, EMT or through our wishlist.

Thank you everyone for your support