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Trustworthy Pet Boarding from Serenity Guinea Pig Rescue

We're delighted to help with your pet piggy boarding needs. Here's what we offer:

Booking Details:

$5 per piggy per day (you provide supplies)
$20 All-inclusive package: Includes daily veggies, pellets, and unlimited hay.

Updates: Opt for twice-daily updates for an additional $10

otherwise, enjoy updates every two days with photos or a video.

Veggies: Enhance the basic package with veggies for $10 a week.

Rest assured, your piggies will relish a personalized and stress-free stay in their designated area.

Our standard Midwest cage setup or variety of C&C cages ensures comfort, perched on 6ft tables for added security.

Additional Information:
Your furry friends will be housed in a separate apartment away from all other household animals, ensuring their safety and comfort.

Booking Information:
To secure your spot, simply send us an email with the following details:

Preferred Dates: Specify your desired booking dates.
Package Choice: Let us know if you opt for the $5 per day option or the $20 all-inclusive package.

Book now for a worry-free holiday, knowing your piggies will receive plenty of love, tasty treats, and a cozy space of their own!


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